Troop One Historical Timeline

· 1910 Scouts founded in America on Feb. 8, 1910 by William D. Boyce, chartered by Congress in 1916

· 1911 Original Troop One formed on November 16th under the leadership of Professor Peavy, July 1, 1916 is listed by BSA as official start date for the troop

· 1917-1918 troop moves into new church location at 8th & Madison; troop went into short hiatus as our first Scoutmaster, Rev. Sherman, leaves to serve during WWI as a YMCA chaplain

· 1919 October 14, Delmer Goode founded the latest version of the troop (Scoutmaster from 1919 to 1930). Dec 31, 1919 chartering certificate issued for Troop 1.

· 1919-20 Emergency Patrol created for Scouts to deliver medicine and food during Dec 19 blizzard and Spanish Flu pan epidemic of 1918-20.

· 1921 Poore Taylor is first Scout to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout

· 1922 Troop repurposes an old cabin at the abandoned Rosecrans sawmill at Oak Creek for meetings and basecamp for hikes

· 1923 Alumni Cup was engraved and awarded for first time to the winning patrol of annual intra-patrol contest

· 1923-36 “Blazed Trail” shows with skits, music and silent movies were held as fundraisers and to promote Scouting

· 1929 July, Troop One paints “Corvallis” on roof of the OAC Armory (McAlexander Fieldhouse) as an air travel guide

· 1930-31 Troop One’s “Wolf Club” (boys too young to be in Boy Scouts) transition into Cub Pack 325 as Cub Scouts becomes officially established at the national level

· 1935-1936 troop moved out of church at 8th & Madison into newly constructed Scout Cabin

· 1939 20th Anniversary, Troop One awards $10 prizes to winners of “Know Your Corvallis” essay contest from “Senior” and “Junior” high schools

· 1942 U.S. Army temporarily took over the Scout cabin

· 1942-1946 Scouts assist with the war effort and to help returning servicemen

· 1946 Memorial Award presented to the troop in honor William Fischer and a silver plaque is presented in memory of the known five Scouts who lost their lives in military service

· 1947-1948 Senior Scouts transition into Explorer Post 201

· 1951 Cabin lots sold to Oregon State College. Cabin dismantled.

· 1967 “Youth” cabin constructed at the West Hills church location, dedicated in Oct 1967

· 1971 Campaign started to fund Delmer Goode Collection on Higher Education book collection at Kerr Library, dedication in 1974

· 1976 Troop One and other troops work with city and residents’ efforts to improve sightlines along sidewalks, roads and at intersections in Corvallis

· 1979 60th Anniversary, presentation of oak gavel and twelve-sided block

· 1982 Toney Alan Goode Camperships Fund established by Delmer Goode to provide boy Scout summer camp scholarships in honor of his grandson who was killed in 1980 trying to stop a robbery at a convenience store near his naval duty station in Tustin, California.

· 1982 Scout Tree planted on church grounds

· 1983 Maple trees planted around church parking lot in conjunction with FCC centennial celebration

· 1983/84? Delmer M Goode memorial plaque dedicated on church grounds

· 1991 Youth cabin destroyed in arson fire

· 2000, 2016 Shed break-ins.

· 2011 Two Scouts rescue lost, bee stung victim from Alsea Falls woods. They receive rare, national Award of Merit

· 2016 Troop recognized as a welcoming troop (Scouts For Equity, Bronze Inclusive Unit Certificate)

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